LPR-ANPR recornition licence plate

Licence plate recognition technology. (LPR)

If you are deciding to purchase a vehicle registration number recognition system, this article will tell you everything important.

The basis of the system is a camera that can "read" the licence plate and save it in text format.

The vehicle registration number in text form can be further compared and matched with data stored in databases.

The use of this function is really wide:

  • automatic gate opening
  • operation of the parking lot
  • the entrance monitoring
  • evaluation of traffic congestion for municipalities
  • prevention and detection of offenses in traffic
    The recognition algorithm can be located directly in the camera, or the recognition is performed later in a computer application on the server.

Automatic gate opening

In this case, only the camera that contains the recognition algorithm, the so-called "engine", is most often used.

So there is no need for a computer server or any other equipment.

The license plates on the basis of which we want to open the ramp are entered directly into the camera, which usually contains white/black list.

Based on the white list, the camera will open the ramp and the black list can, for example, send warning emails.

A preview of the interface from the camera:

Operation of the parking lot without server

This solution is also possible without the use of a server thanks to mutual communication between the cameras.

The cameras contain special software from the FF group company with the ANPR function (1 camera is the master type and 3 cameras are the slave type).

The system is designed to offer an affordable solution for car parks, gas stations and smaller residential residences with multiple entrances/exits.

The powerful chip in the camera enables the recognition of vehicle registration plates with 99% accuracy up to a driving speed of 50 km/h.

Cameras with relay outputs, can control ramps with additional data for the parking lot manager, such as parking time or occupancy rate.

Operation of the parking lot with a server solution

Operation of the parking lot with a server solution
The server solution offers far greater options for managing the parking lot. Interesting additions include, for example:

  • creating users and assigning vehicles to users
  • creation of time plans for the operation of the parking lot
  • the possibility of long-term storage of records for the needs of control organizations
  • remote management including multiple levels of access rights
  • import and export of data in xlsx format


Operation of the parking lot using NVR

Another possibility is the use of an LPR camera in cooperation with a recorder. In this case, the recognition is performed directly in the camera, but the operator has the opportunity to view the recorded vehicles directly in the digital recorder (NVR). The recorder used can be in the form of a standalone NVR (for example Dahua NVR series 5000 or a classic PC desktop/server with the Wisenet Wave SW installed).