Geovision - SW presentations 2022


I would like to present you with all of the new features which will be available in GV – AS Manager version 6.0 , GV – Control Center version 4.1 and GV – VMS version 18.3.1 and version 18.3.2.


You could download the presentation at the following link:


Some of the most important USP’s for GV – VMS 18.3 and other solutions which can catch more customers for Geovision are  the following:


  1. 1.A very good feature which we implemented already in GV – VMS version 18.3.1 is AI filter for AI events on the timeline in playback. Before the end customer had only the option of searching AI events from an AI events table from the index.
  2. The support of GV-TMEB5800 which could trigger I/0 to send notification of a temperature event, alarm and the temperature reading can be seen on the live view and also on the recording file.
  3. Version 18.3.1 supports a dedicated channel for POS events.
  4. Support for receiving AI events from 3rd party IP cameras UniView/ TVT/ Milesight3rdparty IP cam AI event. GV –Control  Center version 4.1 UI is more user friendly than previous versions and now supports GV – Enterprise version 1.0 for centralizing the ID and password authentication for GV – VMS version 18.3, GV – RS version 2.1, GV – Control Center V 4.0.6 and GV – ERM version 2.1