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  1. Nx Witness is all about Speed

    NX witness - networkoptix

    Nx Witness is engineered to be fast and responsive on standard off-the-shelf hardware.

    • No GPU required
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  2. Nx Witness Works with 99% of IP Cameras

    NX witness - networkoptix

    With Nx Witness you can discover and manage 99% of IP video devices on the market today.

    • Native support for major
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  3. Nx Witness is Built for Users

    NX witness - networkoptix

    Nx Witness was designed to be instantly usable for everyone – from operators to administrators.

    • Update packages
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  4. AcuPick technology

    dahua kamery acupick

    Dahua's AcuPick leads in video search with accuracy, speed, and simplicity

    How AcuPick works

    Dahua's AcuPick solution employs cutting-edge technology to analyze target feature data via intelligent IPC and seamlessly transmit it to the back-end NVR. Speaking to, Grace Huang, Product Manager at Dahua Technology, explained that during the search process, the NVR extracts target feature values using its sophisticated back-end intelligence capacity and compares them with those in the historical data from IPC.

    A crucial factor that makes AcuPick attractive is its deep-learning foundation that ensures high accuracy and fewer false positives or false negatives by designing rich data enhancement strategies, optimizing neural network structure, and improving training strategies. False alarms are one of the biggest causes of resource wastage for many customers.

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