Nx Witness • Professional Recording License • Network Optix

24 months
> 25 pc
Professional recording license for 1 IP video camera, RTSP or HTTP stream
Estimate Fees
€180.00 €150.00
Operating Systems Windows, Ubuntu Linux, ARM
Virtual Machines VMWare ESXi, Oracle VirtualBox
Failovering and Redundancy Server hive architecture
Hive Architecture Server hive architecture
Client Application Nx Witness Desktop (Windows), Nx Witness Desktop (Mac), Nx Witness Desktop (Linux)
Mobile Application Nx Witness Mobile (Android), Nx Witness Mobile (iOS)
No of supported IP cameras 1 camera
No of IP Devices per Server 128
Supported 3rd Party Cameras and Devices 950+ brands, 18.000+ cameras and devices
Supported Devices IP cameras, I/O modules, DVRs, NVRs, Encoders
Supported Cameras 3rd party IP cameras and devices
Marketplace and Integration https://nxvms.com/integrations
Supported Device List https://nxvms.com/ipvd
In-Camera Analytics Integration Axis, Vivotek, Uniview, TVT, Hikvision, Hanwha, Dahua, Bosch
DVRs and NVRs 3rd Party Integration Dahua, Uniview, TVT, Hikvision, Hanwha, GeoVision
I/O Devices Integration Advantech, Axis
Access Control and Alarm Systems Integration 2N, Suprema, Paxton, GeoVision, ...
Analytics Integration for Smart Cities, Retail etc. A.I. Tech, BriefCam, ...
AID and Traffic Analytics Integration Sprinx
ANPR, ADR, Container Code, Railway Code Integration FF Group, Vaxtor, Neural Labs, ...
Body-worn Cameras Integration WiZAVIU
Lidar Integration Quanergy
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Download https://nxvms.com/download
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