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Nx Witness VMS is a lightning fast, easy to use, cross-platform IP video management system (VMS)


The simplest, most reliable, easiest-to-use, enterprise video management software on the planet. Install in minutes. Integrate with anything.


  • Connect anywhere, anytime, from any device
  • Manage IP cameras from 793+ manufacturers
  • 1-10,000 cameras with no engineering support
  • No prerequisite software or database required
  • Detect objects and gather business intelligence 
  • Search 1 year of video in less than 1 sec
  • Replaces antiquated systems in minutes

Nx Witness was designed to be instantly usable so new users can install, configure, and begin administrating Systems with little to no training!

Nx Witness auto-discovers 99% of IP cameras out there and works with USB Webcams (v4.0), RTSP, HTTP, UDP streams, and even offline video and image files.

Nx Witness is fast, with advanced technologies like adaptive scaling and a Desktop client that can run on even low-power CPUs like the Intel Compute Stick.

Nx Witness has applications for every major OS – including Windows, Mac, Unbuntu Linux, ARM Developer boards, iOS and Android devices, and all major Browsers.

Nx Witness’s Server Hive Architecture brings with it Automatic Camera Failover so you can design your system for maximum redundancy with no single point of failure.

Nx Witness VMS comes with a suite of free developer tools that allow you to integrate anything – 3rd party video analytics, access control, fire & alarm systems and more!

Nx Witness allows users to customize their system to match their own needs – with a customizable Desktop background, infinitely customizable Layouts, and more.

Nx Witness has free software upgrades and no annual support fees. In some cases it’s more cost effective to buy a new Nx Witness system than to upgrade a legacy VMS.

Nx Witness saves users money by reducing costs across the board. It’s easy to design, runs on low-cost hardware, and requires little-to-no maintenance during use.

Nx Server

The Nx Server application is a lightweight, powerful media server responsible for discovering, connecting to, and managing Nx system devices and data.


  • Discovers devices from 790+ manufacturers
  • Supports RTSP, HTTP, UDP streams
  • Manages local and remote storage
  • Hive Architecture with Automatic Camera Failover
  • Automations with IFTTT Event Rules Engine
  • CRUD REST HTTP API for Fast Integrations

Nx Desktop

The Nx Desktop application is a unified Desktop client for connecting to, viewing, and managing your Nx System(s).


  • Unified UI for web pages, cameras and I/O devices
  • Adaptive streaming and playback
  • PTZ Controls, Fisheye Dewarping, and Zoom Windows
  • Search a year of  video in less than 1 second
  • Automations using IFTTT Rules Engine
  • Open Source package for customization

Nx Mobile

Nx Mobile is a low-latency, user-friendly mobile application for iOS and Android devices that allows users to connect to their Nx System(s) from anywhere, anytime over Wifi or Data networks.


  • Connect from anywhere with Nx Cloud
  • Receive Push Notifications
  • View Live Video and Recorded Archives
  • Control PTZ Cameras and Dewarp Fisheye Images
  • Search using Date & Time or Smart Motion
  • Speak through cameras using Two-Way Audio