K 4 • AMC

24 months
5 pc
Hybrid intrusion control panel
€64.80 €54.00
Control Panel Type Wired control panel, Wireless control panel, Hybrid control panel
Control Panel Subtype
Control Panel Series AMC wired, AMC K Series
Control Panel Label
Communication Wired, Wireless
Installation Environment Indoor
Wired Zones 4
Expandable Wired Zones 12
Wireless Zones N/A
Expandable Wireless Zones 64
Outputs 1 (on board), 8 (expandable)
User Codes 32
Areas 4
Groups 4
Keypads 4
Tag Reader 4
Event Log 1000
Connected Devices N/A
Rooms N/A
Connected Extender N/A
Connected Sirens N/A
Scenarios N/A
Video Verification N/A
Communication Channels / Carriers PSTN
Mobile Broadband 3G (Optional), GPRS (Optional)
GSM Frequency Bands N/A
Expandable Modules IP-1, X GPRS, X 3E / X 3A / X 3J
Anti-Sabotage and Tampering Anti-opening tamper, Back tamper
Operating System N/A
Remote Management and Programming iOS app, Android app, PC
Notification Types 8 SMS / calls, 8 CMS
Multi-User Management over App N/A
Timers 4 per day
CMS Communication Contact ID, SIA, Ademco
Voice Recording Time N/A
Remote Listening N/A
Serial Interface RS-485
Communication Technology
Radio Technologies Optional
Communication Range N/A
Communication Type N/A
Operating Frequencies N/A
Maximum effective radiated power N/A
Encryption N/A
Rolling Code / Frequency Hopping N/A
Operating Temperature -10°C ~ 40°C
Ingress Protection < 75%
Ingress Protection N/A
Input Voltage 230 V AC, 9 V DC ~ 16 V DC
Power Consumption 0.1 A, 87 mA
Backup Battery 12 V DC/ 7 Ah
Dimensions 255.0 x 300.0 x 88.0 mm
Net Weight 1.50
Material Plastic
Color White
Mounting Type Wall
Certificates EN 50131-1, EN 50131-3, EN 50131-6, EN 50136-2, EN 50136-1, Class II
Package Contents Plastic box, Transformer, Resistors, User's manual
Link to Manufacturer
Notes N/A
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