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Phone Surveillance Software DMSS V4.2 Release

DMSS introduction 4.2

DMSS plus V4.2 was officially launched . In this version, we optimized layout, merged camera module, VTO module and alarm module. we can also enable users to customize their menu list through drag and drop of menu items. After login, DMSS supports adding DB11&DS11 to your Cloud Device list. And you can share it with up to 6 friends.

  1. New Function

Optimize interactive: Merge camera, VTO, alarm, device manager, message, playback, file manager, settings, favorites.

Optimize visual effect: Unified UI style, optimize layout, adds image introduction, and user guide.

Supports motion detector: Receives motion detector alarm, supports arm/disarm period settings.

Meets security requirements: Cloud device message push function. Filter message according to the calendar date, system can trigger corresponding channel(s) to record video or snapshot images.

Share device: It is to share device(s) of current account with other accounts. The shared devices support some functions. Max. supports 6 sharing accounts.

Connect DS11 device: Add DS11 device to the account, the DB11 device can connect to corresponding DS11,and set ring and volume.

QR profile encryption: System supports password function when exporting QR profile. After you set profile password, input proper password to import the device if you want to import current profile again.

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