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A smart tunnel incident detector solution

With global attention focused on reducing congestion on roads, authorities in Europe have taken significant action. Improved digital and video analysis technologies have turned many traffic management systems into intelligent traffic management systems.

Legal requirements

In 2004 a directive on safety requirements in tunnels (2004/54/EC) was issued, requiring video surveillance systems with video analysis and automatic incident detection (AID) be installed in tunnels, plus ensuring integration between technological systems – such as lighting, emergency call points, ventilation and variable message signs.

Indeed, the real added value no longer lies exclusively in the performance of each technology but in the ability to integrate them, which ultimately enhances and optimizes the result in terms of information and safety. A complete solution for video monitoring of roads, freeways and tunnels, in fact, requires automatic incident detection and content analysis algorithms, which can be integrated with OCR software (for license plates) and ADR code (a European agreement concerning the international carriage of dangerous goods by road) recognition, and third-party automation systems. They should also interface perfectly with higher level supervision software such as SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition).

Need to know

Key facts about Sprinx Technologies’ tunnel incident detector
> The technology was awarded a Special Mention at the Intertraffic Innovation Awards in Amsterdam in March

> It simplifies the calibration of traffic algorithms

> The system includes license plate recognition and ADR code software management

> Easy to deploy and maintain

> Quickly alerts operators about traffic incidents

> The operators can take action based on their assessment of the issue

Intertraffic award winner
The introduction of Sprinx’s AID software with 3D object-tracking, winner of a Special Mention at the Intertraffic Innovation Awards in Amsterdam in March, has reduced the number of false alarms in addition to reducing and simplifying the calibration activity of the traffic algorithms dramatically.

Moreover, the license plate recognition/ADR software management system developed and provided by Sprinx Technologies enables integration of additional critical information about traffic flow into a standard intelligent traffic system, increasing tunnel safety in the process.

Connecting north with east
The D3 Svrčinovec-Skalité motorway in Slovakia is part of multimodal traffic corridor VI, which, after completion, will make quality and fast connection between Northern and Eastern Europe possible. A 15km section of the motorway was inaugurated in mid-June 2017. The D3 links to the D1 motorway, which forms one of the country’s primary east-west routes. The project will positively affect the redistribution of traffic among Slovakia’s north-south corridors. One of the cores of the D3 solution is the AID that detects incidents inside the Svrčinovec and Pol’ana tunnels. To ensure efficient management combined with the latest technology concerning video analytics for traffic applications, a Sprinx Technologies server-side solution was selected and provided by the local partners Gemtech and ADTS. Sprinx Technologies is an Italian software and engineering company that develops solutions for video surveillance and video analytics dedicated to the intelligent transportation industry, and it is one of the few market players able to provide total solutions for video monitoring of roads, motorways and tunnels.

Above: The Slovakian national highway authority (NDS) traffic control center monitors incidents in the tunnels in real time

The SX-Traffic AID software, provided for the Svrcinovec and Pol’ana tunnels, automatically monitors traffic and detects events such as stopped vehicles, pedestrians, wrong-way drivers, smoke, spilled cargo and traffic congestion. The system can also collect statistical traffic data across the entire tunnel’s infrastructure. Events are integrated into the Siemens SCADA and signaled to the traffic operators at the Slovakian national highway authority (NDS) traffic control center in Horelica, with vital real-time information through video analytics. The control room can then investigate using the video surveillance system and the recordings of the incident. They can take action based on their assessment of the issue and send a highway patrol, the police or an emergency crew. Moreover the system includes an LPR system – intelligent cameras, which read both vehicle number plates and ADR codes, are installed at the tunnel’s entrance and exit.

Considering most of the traffic in this section of highway is trucks, knowing the type of vehicles in transit inside the tunnels and the presence of any dangerous goods becomes an extremely important piece of information to enable targeted and timely interventions in the event of a tunnel incident detected by the AID system.

Blossoming relationships
Despite over 6,500 AID video channels being provided in under 10 years, this experience in Slovakia has been extremely stimulating for Sprinx, highlighting the professional quality and skills of the NDS. The NDS’s continuous search for advanced intelligent traffic solutions not only to increase the level of security on the highways, but also to enhance the work of the control rooms, is in line with the mission of Sprinx Technologies. As such, Sprinx Technologies was glad to cooperate with NDS.

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