Dahua HDCVI Full-color 2.0 introduction

HDCVI Full-color Camera
Colorful View Ever, Dark World Never

HDCVI Full-color camera is able to present 24/7 colored image that provides color details to accurately
identify people or objects in low light conditions.

High Performance Chipset

Provide high color
reproduction and excellent
low light performance for a
more vivid, brighter image.

24/7 Color Monitoring

Increases probability of
collecting valid human,
vehicle, and event evidence.

Smart White Light

Serves as supplementary
light source to guarantee
image usability even in
total darkness.

Application Scenario

Suitable for low-light
environment, such as
parking lots, streets,
shops, schools, etc.


  • 24/7 color monitoring captures vivid colors and clear human/vehicle evidence
  • Advanced 3DNR guarantees brightness and clarity at night
  • Super Adapt and 130dB WDR optimizes image quality in various scenarios
  • Rich and eye-catching color packaging expresses a positive feeling
  • High quality DAC with up to 8m audio pick-up distance
  • Multiple options with fixed/motorized lens models

Dahua Full-color 2.0 series